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Moving to Canton?

Canton, Georgia, nestled in the heart of Cherokee County, is a charming Southern town that beckons newcomers with its warm hospitality, scenic beauty, and a rich history. If you’re considering making a move to Canton, here is everything you need to know guide will provide you with insights into the community, real estate market, restaurants and lifestyle.  

History, Culture and Character

Canton boasts a history dating back to the early 19th century. Steeped in Southern tradition, the city has worked to preserve its historical charm while embracing modern progress. The Historic Downtown Canton area is a testament to this, as seen in the complete renovation of the historic Jones Building. Meanwhile, folks can get a taste of a more “modern” Canton by checking out the Mill on Etowah, which is home to Reformation Brewery, the Atomic Biscuit and some impressive coworking space at Thrive. Living in Canton bounce between “blasts from the past” as well as opportunities to watch the city grow. 

Thrive Canton

Real Estate Landscape

Canton’s real estate market, along with most of Cherokee County, has seen a significant jump in home values. Which makes it great for existing Canton residents, but a possible challenge for first time home buyers with median prices being near $500,000. A city like Canton does offer a variety of new construction homes as well as resale. Buyers have options ranging from historic homes, homes with acreage, or neighborhood style living. Additionally, developers are starting to build modern, “urban” residences near the downtown city center for a city feel with walkability to local businesses. There are many options available for people looking to make the move to Canton. 

Education and Schools

For families considering a move to Canton, the city provides excellent educational opportunities. The Cherokee County School District, known for its commitment to academic excellence, oversees the public schools in the area. Canton is also home to private schools that offer alternative education options. The emphasis on education contributes to the overall family-friendly atmosphere of the community. Canton is currently building a brand new high school, Cherokee High School, slated to open to 3,000 students in August of 2026.

Recreational Activities

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to explore in Canton. The Etowah River Park and Boling Park offer scenic walking trails, sports facilities, and picnic areas. Hickory Log Creek Reservoir provides opportunities for fishing and boating. Close proximity to Lake Allatoona provides even more access to water sports. The drive to the North Georgia mountains is both quick and scenic, making weekend getaways for hiking, camping, and just enjoying the breathtaking scenery an easy activity to enjoy. There’s no excuses not to get outdoors if you live in Canton! 

Community Events and Festivals

Canton takes pride in its vibrant community spirit, evident in the numerous events and festivals held throughout the year. Recently, the Canton First Friday events in downtown have taken off in popularity with their live music and festivities for the whole family to enjoy. Riverfest Arts and Crafts Festival is an annual event in Canton that draws huge crowds and is a very successful fundraiser for the Cherokee Service League.  And, with the completion of the Mill on Etowah, most weekend see some sort of events on the calendar. The popular Rink at the Mill, an outdoor ice skating rink returned this winter to the joy of many residents. It is an exciting time to be a Canton resident with the vibrant growth.  

The Mill on Etowah

Local Cuisine and Dining

Southern hospitality extends to Canton’s culinary scene, where you can savor a variety of flavors, from classic Southern comfort food to international cuisine. A local staple for southern cuisine is Queenie’s, with quite possibly the best fried chicken in Canton! Newly opened C’est la Vie has received  rave reviews for its authentic French dishes. The local farmers’ market is a gem for those seeking fresh produce and artisanal products, adding to the appeal of Canton’s food culture. Several new eateries have been announced at the Mill, only making it more of a one-stop-shop. 

Economic Opportunities

Canton’s strategic location, situated between Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, has contributed to its economic growth. The city provides a mix of job opportunities, and its proximity to major highways facilitates commuting to neighboring business hubs. And with the newly opened Peach Pass High Occupancy access lane on Interstate 75, the commute into Atlanta has been significantly improved. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in Canton, with a growing number of local businesses contributing to the city’s economic vitality. Shared work spaces are readily available too at Thrive Coworking

Healthcare Facilities

Access to quality healthcare is a crucial consideration for anyone relocating. Canton is well-equipped with healthcare facilities, medical centers, and Nothside Hospital Cherokee, ensuring residents have convenient access to comprehensive healthcare services.

Transportation and Connectivity

Canton’s connectivity is facilitated by its proximity to major highways, including I-575 and Georgia State Route 140. This makes commuting to Atlanta or other neighboring cities convenient. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is also easily accessible, providing residents with a gateway to domestic and international travel.

Are you ready to make the move?

A few years ago, moving from the city to Canton was considered moving to “the sticks”.  With its growing home values and increased businesses, the once rural town is now truly considered part of the metro Atlanta suburbs. The city’s rich history, strong sense of community, diverse real estate options, and access to nature make it an appealing destination for individuals and families alike. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a bustling community, Canton welcomes you with open arms, ready to share its Southern charm and hospitality.

If you are thinking of making a move, let’s chat! 

Michelle Knapp, Realtor

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